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Rebecca's pictures are like mini biographies that reveal the true essence of a person, in one shot. 


We invited her to shoot our three very rambunctious daughters.  She somehow managed to earn their trust in less than an hour, and came out with photographs that captured their personalities in way that only my wife and I had seen them before.   Rebecca, thanks for taking our breath away.  Everyone should be so lucky to have the moments of their lives captured by such an eye. 


Bethesda, MD

Our photos are absolutely gorgeous!  My husband and I spent an hour this evening looking at the photos after the kids went to bed, and felt near tears.  It will be hard to select just a few to have printed!

It was our pleasure to work with you.  You're very fun and great with the kids, and very professional with all of us.  


Washington, DC

We have hired Rebecca as our family photographer for three years now. She's great with our kids -- she puts them at ease, and they have fun together, so she always gets high-quality shots of the kids' natural expressions.  She really captures the essence of our kids' personalities.


We all look forward to photo shoots with Rebecca and I am always confident that she will deliver a professional product.  She is a true talent.


Washington, DC